Easigrass Lawn Maintenance

To keep your artificial grass lawns in perfect condition for that flawless all year-round look some regular maintenance care is needed. Easigrass Gloucestershire can help!

The change in weather and seasons can become a challenge with maintaining the perfect looking lawn all year round, specifically in Autumn and Winter. These months bring the possibility of moss due to more leaf matter along with dark, wetter conditions. Keeping debris from your lawn and regularly cleaning will ensure this does not cause you any potential problems.

There is no fixed quota of how often you should have your Easigrass lawn maintained, but if you have pets, children, or lots of trees and shrubs surrounding your garden it is recommended that you have it cleaned on a quarterly basis. Maintaining your grass will prolong the life of your lawn and it will keep the crisp finished look you received from your initial install.


  • 40 sqm lawn or less         £200.00 + VAT
  • 40 – 60 sqm                        £250.00 + VAT
  • 60 – 80 sqm                        £275.00 + VAT
  • 80 sqm or more                £300.00 + VAT

Packages include:

  • Professional Lawn Inspection
  • Leaf blow including waste removal
  • Pressure Wash
  • Biocide Treatment if necessary
  • Mechanical brush
  • Check all seams and joints and re pin where necessary.

Particular Pricing

If you would like a specific tailored package please call the office on 01242  329007 and we can arrange an appointment to discuss.

We look forward to hearing from you.